Can you make it through this delectable chocolate pie recipe without drooling? Ultimate Chocolate Pie is one of our all-time best recipes for its wickedly delicious chocolate filling, chocolate mousse, and chocolate whipped cream topping. Although it takes some time to allow the filling to set and the pie to chill, this chocolate pie recipe will become your new go-to dessert recipe for family reunions, church potlucks, and summer luncheons. The great thing about a beautiful chocolate pie is that the hands-on time is actually only around an hour, and this can be cut down if you choose to use a pre-made chocolate pie crust or graham cracker crust. If you want to make a homemade crust (which, in our opinion, is totally worth it!), you'll need to use crushed up chocolate wafer cookies, chopped pecans, a little sugar, and some melted butter. If your event is coming up in a few days, we recommend making this pie in stages. You can do a little bit on your pie each day, and that cuts the waiting time down significantly.

Once you've got your crust ready to go, you'll want to prepare the rich chocolate filling at the bottom of the pie. This part is a more fudge-y, dense portion of the dessert, but adds delightful flavor to your pie. If you aren't big on bittersweet chocolate, you can supplement an additional half of a semisweet chocolate bar into the recipe as a replacement. The decadent filling only needs to chill for about 30 minutes, which is just enough time for you to prepare a light and airy chocolate mousse layer for your pie. Using freshly whipped cream and milk chocolate morsels gives the mousse a sweet, light texture. This portion of your pie needs to chill overnight, if possible, to allow your layers to set completely. This ensures that when you go to cut the pie, the slices will stay intact. Finally, top off your chocolate mousse layer with some sweet chocolate whipped cream. And, it's as easy as it sounds – simply combine heavy cream, chocolate syrup, vanilla, and some sugar to create this twist on classic whipped cream. If you've got an extra baking bar laying around, top your Ultimate Chocolate Pie with some delicate chocolate shavings. This little trick makes a big impression on the dessert table.

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