We’re finally rich! In chocolate, at least.

One of our favorite delights as a child was getting to pick out a treat at the grocery store or convenience store. Often, that sweet bit of happiness would come in the form of chocolate coins – especially during the season of Hanukkah. Chocolate coins have been finding their way into stockings, Easter baskets, and children’s wish lists for years, and we finally came up with our own recipe to enjoy them at home. If you’re in the mood for some chocolate and nostalgia, it’s time for homemade Golden Chocolate Coins.

Making your own Golden Chocolate Coins might sound like a challenging task, but this is a super easy no-bake recipe. This is a great DIY to get your little ones helping, too. To start, melt 10 ounces of chocolate morsels in the microwave or 30 seconds. Dip chocolate sandwich cookies in the melted chocolate with a fork and be sure to cover the whole cookie with chocolate. Set the cookies aside on a parchment paper-covered sheet pan and allow them to dry completely. Once they’re dry, coat the top of the cookies with gold food coloring spray. Let the gold food coloring spray dry, flip the cookies, and coat the bottoms of them with spray. Once dry, your Golden Chocolate Coins are ready to go!

Tied with a pretty bow in net bags like you find them in at the store, or stacked in a cute box or clear bag with a festive bow, these would make an adorable gift. For the holiday season, it’s smart to be prepared for neighbors and friends dropping by, so make a few batches of these to have on hand for last-minute gifting. Send a couple of these cookies to school in the kids’ lunches for a bite of something sweet or save them for family movie night. These Golden Chocolate Coins would look festive on a holiday dessert table, too. This no-bake treat is as sweet as it is pretty.

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