Nowadays, bakers are often using less icing when frosting a cake because it creates a unique and exposed finish! Naked cakes are great for many occasions. They’ve become popular with brides and grooms hoping for a traditional wedding cake substitute, and the tasty treats also make charming homemade birthday cakes. The naked cake can be easily recognized by its minimal amount of frosting, unusually visible layers, and adorably simple garnishes. However, even though naked cakes are incredibly trendy, icing them can prove to be a bit intimidating. Don’t let that stop you! We've teamed up with Birmingham, Alabama-based baking company Bandit Baking Co. to get the tricks of the trade. Join Kristen Farmer Hall, grab an offset spatula, and pull out your ice cream scoop to get started. When icing each layer, make sure to put a little extra frosting over the edge of the cake. If you have plenty of icing in place, frosting between layers is much easier! Gorgeous decorations are a great alternative to the missing frosting. Icing a naked cake has never been simpler – y’all give it a try!

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