There’s nothing more terrifically terrifying than showing up to your Halloween party without a sweet treat that’s spooky and delicious. From candy corn to caramel apples, Halloween snacks can be more predictable than ghoulish. That’s why this trio of to-die-for cupcakes is the way to go to get a hair-raising applause from your Halloween crew. Googly-eyed mummies, frightening Frankenstein's monsters, and cotton candy spider webs are going to be the hit of the season. Craft mummy wraps easily from white taffy (like Airheads), and build your spooky spiders in a flash with malt balls—these cupcakes are going to disappear from the snack table so fast you’d think they were ghosts (we couldn’t help it!). Homemade chocolate cupcakes make the perfect base for these creatures of the night to come alive before your eyes. With a little imagination and plenty of candy eyeballs, you’re going to have a gang of tasty monsters to doll out at your Halloween party in no time.

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