Dark Front Doors Are Everywhere—And We’re Not Sure How We Feel About It

Chic or unapproachable?

Front Porch With Dark Double Doors

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There’s something warm and welcoming about a chipper front door color. Sunny yellows, rosy reds, and soothing pastel blues all have a quaint quality to them, like they just popped out of a storybook. They’re approachable and charming but with a playful nod. What’s not to like? But as we continue to revel in the joy of colorful front door plays, a new front door trend is coming in hot, and it’s nothing like the light and bright rainbow of entries we tend to favor. Welcome the year of the dark front door. 

Darker Exterior Paint Trends

It's probably no surprise that front doors are taking on moodier hues. Charcoal, deep blues, and even black have been gaining popularity when it comes to exterior paint color choices. (And we thought things had gone too far when we started painting our brick.) In the right place and with the right shade nuances, a saturated paint job can certainly turn heads and stop one in their tracks, but will it slowly set a dreary tone not only for the homeowner but for the neighborhood as a whole? Well, perhaps that’s all left up to our own outlook. 

How To Pull Off Darker Front Door Colors

Just like dark exteriors, dark front doors can pop against the bright greens of a lush yard or the vibrant blue of the skyline, which is key to pulling this look off in a sunny kind of way. If you’re wanting to go deep, consider how you can brighten things up in the garden, on your porch, and with well-designed landscape lighting. A dark palette—whether on the front door or swathed from roofline to sod—can show off your home’s best assets just as expertly as a lighter, brighter one, though it might take a bit more design consideration to pull it all off. 

There are, of course, some of us who want our front door to casually say, “Please do not disturb.” For those, selecting a dark front door color is a great first step. Go ahead and skip the welcome mat and you’re just about set. But truthfully, there are plenty of ways to create a welcoming entry if you’re drawn to deep dark shades. While you can certainly go about it your own way, consider calling on a color consultant at your local paint store to help you select the best hue. It’s more than possible to set a chipper tone with the right shade, and a paint color pro can help you get there.

What’s perhaps most important in pulling off a dark front door without seeming antisocial is how you position the other aspects of your home. We’re talking front porch containers, a welcoming walkway, furnishings (rocking chairs always say, welcome, if you ask us), and landscaping. While on first glance a dark front door might seem a little standoffish, pulling it off in that oh-so-welcoming Southern way all just takes a little effort—and we’re certainly not against that. 

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