What's your theory?


The writers on Yellowstone know how to create a killer cliffhanger. The third season of the ranch drama was such a stunner that fans don't even know which of the main characters will live to see Season 4. That has left fans feverishly watching each new teaser that the Paramount Network released in advance of the show's reported Fall 2021 return, looking for clues to their favorite characters' fate, and heading online to hazard a guess as to whether John, Kayce, or Beth Dutton or ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom survived.

One note: If you aren't caught up on all the Dutton family drama quite yet, you may want to watch the shocking finale of season three before reading any further.

As fans will recall, the season finale had a literal bombshell when Beth's (Kelly Reilly) office exploded. She wasn't the only Dutton under attack, though: her father John (Kevin Costner) was left for dead on the side of the road after bullets flew at him, Kayce (Luke Grimes) was in a gun fight at his office, and Jimmy (Jefferson White) was last seen unconscious and tumbling off his horse. While it's unlikely that the entire cast of the show was wiped out, fans believe that at least one of these beloved characters didn't survive the massacre.

One hint of who made it can be seen in the season four teaser video, where Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) can be seen running toward John and yelling, "John, don't you die on me now! Not like this. You hear me?" Since it's a new clip, that little nugget is letting fans breathe a little easier that John at least survived long enough to see the first episode of season four. The fate of the rest of the Dutton clan, though, is still up for debate—and fans are definitely debating.

Country Living points to a recent Reddit thread where one fan speculates about who may not be returning to the show. No proof or confirmation from production, but it's a convincing argument —although other fans note that some recent casting news that may reveal the character's fate.

Other questions are being argued in fan forums across the internet—was the Dutton's adopted son Jamie (Wes Bentley) involved after rekindling a relationship with his biological father? In their determination to take over, did Market Equities turn from making financial killings to real ones? Did Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Angela Blue Thunder (Q'orianka Kilcher) team up to take out the ranchers? Is there any way that Beth survived a bomb? Fans are desperate to know the answers about who lived and who will be missed. Unfortunately, they have a long time to wait for answers. The show isn't coming back in its normal summer spot, but is being pushed to late fall 2021. Who can wait that long? We'll just be re-watching the last three seasons to be ready.

In other Yellowstone news, Deadline reports that the show is getting a prequel, called 1883. That series, which will stream on Paramount+, follows the Dutton family as they go west following their Manifest Destiny to the promised land in Montana, looking for their family's future and fortune. That series will begin production late summer in Texas.