Live Like a Dutton at the Real 'Yellowstone' Ranch

The Dutton ranch is real, and you can stay there!

Yellowstone Ranch
Photo: Paramount

The success of Paramount's Yellowstone series hinges on more than dysfunction and drama. Watching the Dutton family saga play out against one of America's most beautiful backdrops is a big part of why fans can't get enough of the neo-western.

Fortunately for aspiring cattle scions, Yellowstone isn't complete fiction. As Town & Country recently pointed out, Dutton Ranch is a real-life ranch in Darby, Montana. And not only are those endless blue skies, snow-capped mountains, and quintessentially country buildings 100% real, but you can stay there too!

In the series, Dutton Ranch borders Yellowstone National Park, though in reality, the filming location is more than 200 miles away in western Montana.

Situated on 2,500 acres in rugged Bitterroot Valley, Chief Joseph Ranch was first was settled in 1880 and was later turned into an apple orchard. The property was purchased by federal judge Howard Clark Hollister and glass tycoon William Ford in 1914. They spent three years constructing the main 6,000 square-foot lodge (John's home on the series) and brought in the largest herd of Holstein cattle west of the Mississippi.

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Today, when it's not being used for filming, this working ranch doubles as a guest ranch and a family home. Two cabins (Lee's and Rip's) are available for bookings, though they're currently booked for the remainder of 2021. Both cabins can sleep up to eight with rates starting at $1,200 per night. Chuckwagons aren't included.

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