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In Spartanburg, South Carolina, seniors at Wofford College aren't looking to upgrade their cinderblock-lined dorm rooms and twin mattresses. Unlike other drab-to-fab dorm transformations that we've witnessed, this Southern college gives their students something to look forward to: their own "mini Southern mansion." Complete with columns, porches, and rocking chairs, this village of homes is unique to Wofford, and is a special privilege for senior students on campus.

"At Wofford we're all about community," said resident Drake McCormick. "We had a businessman and donor, Mike Brown, have this idea of a Senior Village... It being kind of set apart on campus for students to have a real-life experience before they get out of college and get into the real world."

The creation of the Senior Village community has had a few definite benefits, as students describe. One of their favorite perks is the ability to see other students that they'd ordinarily not be crossing paths with everyday. And, there's the convenience of living next to folks you do need to work with. "If you need to work on a group project or something like that," said Bailey Wise, "you're close to all your friends."

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The homes each have four bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a kitchen, living room, and common area for dining. And, of course, we can't forget these adorable porches.

"Personally, my favorite part about the apartments are the porches with the rocking chairs," said Drake. "You have so many different types of people living around each other, and [you] have that little bit of Southern charm that you get to, at the end of the day, come out and sit out and enjoy the nice weather with friends, [and] with people that you might not know so well, but live around you."