Willie Nelson has become such a force of nature in the music industry and within Southern culture over the course of more than six decades that we feel like there’s little we don’t know. Say his name and plenty of descriptors come to mind: lifelong Texan, trailblazing country outlaw, mellow hippie, hell-raising redneck, Nashville rockstar, and undeniable hair icon. But we got to sit down with him to get a taste of the unknown intricacies behind the legend.

From his days as a Bible salesman to his favorite Southern food to the story behind his iconic braids, Willie Nelson gave us a little peek inside his lifetime of experience (that’s chock-full of some crazy stuff, we’re sure!). And, we came to the conclusion that Willie Nelson is a puzzle we don’t ever want to solve—because it’s just better that way. He’s a man amongst men, a quality that most Southern gentlemen strive to achieve. Sans the braids, though. Here are 9 things we've always wanted to ask this Highwayman.

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