Photo from Wild Turkey

We bet 10 years ago Wild Turkey distiller Jimmy Russell didn't think he would be hiring actor, philanthropist, his royal chillness Matthew McConaughey to be the distillery's "Creative Director." Then again, 10 years ago no one could have predicated the American bourbon boom.

You might be thinking, alright alright alright creative director? What does that mean? According to McConaughey, who is no novice when it comes to advertising (lest we forget those melodramatic Lincoln auto commercials), he wants to be more than just the pretty face of Wild Turkey.

"I want to have my hands in the clay of how we tell the story, and I want to be part of the whole story," says McConaughey in the video announcing his new gig. "Not just a character in it."

For McConaughey, being a part of the whole story means not just starring in the advertisements, but writing and directing them as well. And if any bottles are photographed, he'll be styling that too. There's even been talk of a McConaughey branded bourbon, which begs the question, as he gets older, will it somehow stay the same age?

Personally we're surprised he didn't pick "Just keep distillin'" as the new slogan for the campaign. Instead, they went with "It'll find you." As in if you're a true bourbon fan, then you will of course drink Wild Turkey, which seems a somewhat fatalist perspective. If you're standing in the woods and see a wild turkey, did you find it or did it find you? These are just the kinds of deep dilemmas we imagine debating with McConaughey around a hypothetical campfire while he intermediately plays the bongos. See, it's working it already.

Watch the video below for more scenes of McConaughey trudging around the Kentucky wilderness and heartwarming scenes of the Russell family.