Now he's the king of the produce aisle!

By Meghan Overdeep
September 28, 2017
Credit: Dan Dalton/ Getty Images

When Era Golwalkar sends her husband Gaurav food shopping, she likes to set him up for success.

The Golwalkars, who live in Pune, India, take turns food shopping every other week. While she "lives to eat," Era explained to HuffPost that her husband doesn't really prioritize food. Unlike her, he "eats to live," she noted. Naturally this presented a problem when it was his turn to hit the grocery store. So Era, an artist, came up with a brilliant solution. And now, armed with her foolproof illustrated lists, Gaurav is a grocery store pro.

Wives, take note.

Era recently shared a photo of one of these elaborate lists—complete with illustrations and details descriptions—on Twitter, and the the social media site ate it up. The two-page, hand-written list includes specific requirements for vegetables like onions ("small size, round shape") and potatoes ("no eyes") as well as weights, sizes and colors. A husband's dream!

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The post quickly racked up more than 1,000 shares, more than 6,000 likes, and hundreds of comments from people who suffered similar grocery store woes in their own relationships

While some might find the list condescending, Era told HuffPost that Guarav finds them helpful. This is how we have been making our shopping lists for the last four to five months now," she said. "It has been working well."

If you ask us, it's not a bad idea!