Even though Elvis Presley died 40 years ago, the Mississippi native remains one of the most profitable musicians in the world today. Here’s how the blue suede shoe enthusiast is still considered the King of Rock and Roll four decades after his untimely passing. Elvis sold a million albums and earned an estimated 27 million dollars last year alone! The Presley estate is worth $300 million dollars overall, and Graceland, Elvis’ former home, brings in a large sum of the money. It’s now a museum dedicated to the rock legend. Graceland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the South and all over the country for its eccentric decor and extravagant interior. Guests have the option of viewing Elvis’ living quarters, gravesite, and most prized possessions. A new shopping complex and luxury resort were recently added to Graceland; the expansion cost around 140 million dollars. Additionally, Elvis’ musical collection has been expanding, including a series of duets with his daughter, Lisa Marie. Elvis fans still can't help falling in love!

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