The South is home to many all-time greats when it comes to country and bluegrass music; but when you’re talking about Charlie Daniels, he’s just in a category all his own. Since the 1950s, Charlie Daniels has been capturing the ears of Southerners everywhere with his ferocious fiddling and low melodic voice. We’d be surprised if you could find a real Southerner who couldn’t match him word for word and beat for beat when it comes to his mega-hit, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Born and raised a Southern boy, Daniels talked to us about his favorite things about his homeland. From country-style steak to the slow way we talk, his treasured tidbits about the South are sure to strike a chord. You can feel his Southern pride flaring up even more when noting that plenty of non-Southern travelers make the trek year-round for our culture and hospitality: “We must not be the only ones who like it here.” And truer words were never said.

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