Below the Mason-Dixon, Grandma and Grandpa have a very unique place in our hearts, and what better way to show some respect than offering them a stellar deal? Here are 5 fantastic places to find senior discounts. If you’re 60 and older with a passion for shopping, there’s one day a week just for you at Kohl’s. The department store chain offers seniors a 15% discount every Wednesday! For those looking to travel during retirement, you can save money with a stay at a Marriott Hotel. For those 62 and older, sleep in style with savings at least 15% off your room rate. Of course, exploring the South is always nicer with a little more change in your pocket; enjoy the scenic route on Amtrak for 15% off, if you're over 62. Be sure to head to Walgreens on Seniors Day. The national drugstore dedicates one day a month for those 55 and up to save 20% on eligible products. Keep in touch with your family without stressing about the bill. T-Mobile offers seniors two lines of unlimited texting, talk, and data for only $60 a month if you’re 55 or older! One glance at this list will make you excited for your next birthday. Be sure to grab a deal!

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