For special and not-so-special occasions.


Express gratitude by sending a handwritten thank-you note. A letter takes only a few minutes to pen, but its heartwarming sentiment lingers long after it's received. To some, snail mail sentiments could be considered old school, but to Southerners, showing appreciation through a heartfelt thank-you note never goes out of style. Keep your message simple and sincere, and include personalized details about the event or gift. Wondering when is an appropriate time to pull out your stationery? Southerners have no trouble finding worthy occasions, but here are five times when you must send a thank-you note.

1. When you receive a gift

If someone took the time to pick out and purchase a present for you, take the time to say thanks in return. Mentioning how you'll be using the birthday/wedding/housewarming/hostess gift adds personal detail.

2. When someone hosts an event in your honor

Be it a baby shower, bridal luncheon, birthday party, or even a welcome-to-the-neighborhood barbecue. Celebrate the hardworking hosts who celebrated you with an appreciative note.

3. When you are a houseguest

An essential piece of houseguest etiquette is writing a thank-you note after you leave. Your hostess made an effort to prep the guest room for overnight company, so drop a line to say how much you enjoyed your stay.

4. After a job interview

Follow up with an interviewer by sending a handwritten note thanking them for their time. Adding specific details about the conversation that sparked your interest and expressing a continued desire for the position will leave a good impression. (If the process is time sensitive, it's ok to send a follow-up thank-you e-mail.)

5. Whenever you just feel like saying thanks

It doesn't have to be a special occasion to be deemed worthy of a thank-you note. Sometimes you simply feel like saying thanks and letting someone know that you appreciate them. Perhaps a friend encouraged you during a difficult time; send them a handwritten note expressing gratitude for their friendship. Kind words will always be treasured.