We've all heard that you have to clean up your social media channels for future employers when it comes to applying for jobs. But, what happens when you've already gotten the job? If your boss friend requests you on Facebook, don't freak out. It's not necessarily a bad thing (unless, of course, you need to clean up your channels a bit!). In today's day and age, it probably doesn't mean that they're hoping to spy on you – they likely want to more about you as a person. So, do you accept their invite? Instead of taking your boss' Facebook invitation as a threat, you can actually spin it into a chance to improve your communication at work. And, employees who have accepted their boss on social media can attest to the success of this situation. Our friends at Coinage are sharing tips on how to deal with friend requests from our bosses on social media, and how it could even improve our work relationships.

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