The One Thing That Every Thank You Note for a Gift Should Include

This tiny detail makes all the difference.

In the South, thank you notes are taken quite seriously. They're considered an art, in fact. The highest form of manners. There are many moments that call for the honor of a hand-written note, from expressing gratitude to someone who hosted you or included you in a group occasion to reiterating appreciation after a job interview or when someone does you a favor.

You can write a thank you note just because you feel that a friend deserves it, on a random Wednesday to your sister, or when you have a new set of stationery you want to use. They're always welcome! However, above all, a thank you note is imperative whenever you've received a gift. This goes for holiday gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, baby gifts, and any other just-because baubles.

Thank You Note
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When writing a thank you card for a gift, there are a few nuances that can ensure it comes off as both charming and appropriate. For example, you should always make sure that all names are spelled correctly and that the note is sent in a timely fashion after receiving the gift. After these rules, there is one most important detail. It seems straight-forward enough, but is often forgotten: to be specific. Instead of writing, "Thank you for the gift. Hope you're well," think about including more detail, such as, "Thank you for the candle. It smells so heavenly in the house! Hope to see you this summer."

Always include the specific name of the gift and how you've used it or are looking forward to using it. It's as simple as that. Instantly, it makes any thank you note seem genuine and heartfelt, rather than vague or rushed. It also makes the person feel appreciated for taking the time to pick out a gift for you and spending money on it, as well.

Thank you notes don't have to be long and time-consuming, but they do need to written with care. Don't forget this rule, and you'll be finished in no time.

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