Has your cell phone gone missing? Don’t panic! Here are the steps to take if your cell phone has been lost or stolen. Be sure to remotely reset your device to its original factory settings. This will completely erase all of the data including text messages, preventing access to any important information. Apple users can do this with the Find My iPhone app on the iCloud, and Android customers can wipe the cell phone by visiting the device manager website. Next, call your carrier and report the device as missing, and cancel your service. While this can be frustrating, it will prevent anyone from accessing information or those embarrassing cat selfies! Of course, change the passwords you frequently use on apps and websites as an extra precaution. Passwords often reveal things like bills and receipts. Worried about the banking app you have on your phone? Ask for a new debit or credit card, and keep an eye on your bills for any mysterious charges. These simple steps will help prevent any future damage!

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