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Southerners have mastered funeral etiquette. When friends and neighbors have suffered a loss, we are at the doorstep with a covered dish in hand and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We are ready to help plan, host, and entertain to ease the burden of those we love. One of the most important elements of any Southern gathering is the food, and funerals are no exception. Our minds immediately jump to a casserole that's easy to heat up and store in the freezer. In fact, you may have heard of some Southern grandmothers preparing their iconic casserole and popping it in the freezer for the specific purpose of serving it at her own funeral. Are casseroles the best option for a family in mourning? Should you bring more than one dish, or will that clutter up the family's fridge? We turned to Elizabeth Heiskell, author of the upcoming book What Can I Bring?, to ask her advice on the best dishes for a Southern funeral.

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