Hint: Covering and smothering is involved. 

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 26, 2017
Credit: Nicolas McComber/Getty Images

The Bastions of Breakfast, Waffle House, sure know how to deliver a satisfying meal. So who better to ask for a must-order menu rec than a Waffle House manager in the chain's home state of Georgia? WMAZ-TV in Macon, Georgia sent meterologist Hunter Williams to catch up with William Bond, manager of the town's local Waffle House.

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Bond's answer, surprisingly to "what is your go to order at Waffle House?" isn't their delightfully fluffy waffles or steak and eggs. Instead, he opts for something off of the lunch and dinner menu: "The chicken [melt] hashbrown bowl. Chicken, double hashbrowns—scattered, double covered, smothered. It's amazing. You should come try it out!"

Besides his favorite dish, Bond shares some other interesting intel on the beloved eatery. The interview is part of a series WMAZ is producing on "early risers" like Bond—who gets up for his job at around 5:00am!—across Central Georgia. Watch the interview here.