The Tennessee-based company is making a difference in their community.

By Jorie Nicole McDonald
June 07, 2018

Southern folks cherish the opportunity to help someone in need, and that's exactly what Donna Durham and her team do daily at Weighting Comforts. At first glance, this unique company manufactures weighted blankets to support people battling anxiety, stress, and depression. The product alone is impressively life-changing. However, what's even more remarkable are the amazing refugee women who hand-make each and every blanket.

Durham first had the idea of Weighting Comforts while she was pursuing a master's degree in family and marriage therapy; soon after trying the weighted blankets, her clients expressed an immense sense of relief. The pressure from the added weight causes the body to produce endorphins, which helps us to feel relaxed.

The story doesn't end there. Weighting Comforts eventually partnered with Sew For Hope, a non-profit organization that provides sewing classes and machines for international refugees who relocate to Middle Tennessee. Not only is Weighting Comforts supplying a quality product for those in need, the brand also provides an opportunity for refugee women to make a living using a valuable skill. In addition to a steady job, the refugee women at Weighting Comforts are regularly paid to take English classes to help with the language barrier they face daily. Durham hopes the organization is simply a stepping stone to the next part of their life.

In more ways than one, the partnering of these two amazing organizations directly impacts the lives of those in need. What could be more beautiful than that?