From the first kickoff till the last hurrah, our conversation is all about the gridiron.


Southerners start getting excited about the next season of SEC football about five minutes after the National Championship trophy is awarded. And it's not just "a guy thing" down here—Southern women watch football and spout off those football sayings with the same rabid enthusiasm as Daddy, Hubby, and Bubba. Plus, we make some mean tailgating food.

Our typical Southern expressions get the nudge, this time of year, as we devote ourselves entirely to our teams. But here's the thing. It's not just that we're all talking about football in every Southern home right now—it's that we're saying the same things about it.

At least, that's what we suspected, so we polled our Facebook Brain Trust to see if we were right. Check out their list below. We think you'll hear some familiar Southern expressions. If not, well—you just ain't played nobody yet.

"Y'all going to the game?"

"Where are y'all's seats?" (Correction: "all y'all's seats")

"See y'all in the Grove, the Quad, etc."

"Where are y'all watching the game?"

"What dip do you want me to make?" (Mexican layered, of course)

"Our seats are WAY UP THERE????"

"Dang, we're gonna be in the nosebleed section."

To All New Acquaintances: "So are you for Auburn or Alabama/Florida or Florida State/Ole Miss or Mississippi State . . .?"

"What time's the Clemson game?"

"What channel's Virginia Tech on?"

"Who's Vandy playing?"

"Who do we know that gets ESPN?"

"I'm so glad we're watching the game on TV with a big platter of wings in the kitchen and a nice clean bathroom all to ourselves."

"Please don't mention the game at church tomorrow."

"Football is the only reason we have cable."

"Not sure about those new uniforms . . ."

"You're just gonna have to wait till halftime."


"You don't like SEC football? Well, isn't that different . . ."

"Bless their hearts." [RE the opponent's mascot, cheerleaders, offense, defense, etc.]

"We're so sorry, but we'll have to miss your wedding (birthday party, shower, Pepaw's funeral) because we've got tickets to the game that weekend."

"We'll get 'em next year!"

"You just wait'll next year!"

"You can't beat the refs."

"Can you believe that call?"

"Roll Tide! Woo Pig Sooie! Sic 'Em, Bears! Go Dawgs! Go Vols! Geaux Tigers!"

(You get the idea.)