Keep in mind that Southern traditions are tough to break.
Southern Living Is It Appropriate to Watch a Football Game During a Dinner Party?
Keep in mind that Southern traditions are tough to break
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Few days are more anticipated than game days in the South, and Saturdays in the fall revolve around college football. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a Southerner not sitting in a stadium cheering on their favorite team or glued to the TV after kickoff. To diehard fans, there's nothing more important than watching the week's big games, and it's hard to convince them otherwise.

Thinking about hosting a dinner party on a game day? You should probably schedule your meal around the game if you want a dining room table filled with guests engaged in conversation. Southerners are not going to miss watching their favorite teams play, and a host can't demand they miss it. It's not rude for guests to ask the hostess if the game can be turned on the TV. (But be sure avoid these don'ts when attending a dinner party.) If kickoff is around dinnertime, keep the game on TV so guests can stay updated on the score. Or instead of a sit-down meal, serve heavy hors d'oeuvres or festive pickup food so guests can watch the game and visit with one another at the same time.

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Most likely, the hostess doesn't want to miss the football game either. Instead of a formal seated dinner, turn it into a football viewing party instead. It's a casual, laidback way to entertain guests while cheering on your favorite teams. In the South, you just have to respect the tradition of game day and schedule all other events around kickoff times.

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What fo you think? Should we hold off hosting or create a party themed around your favorite SEC team? It's a tough call but one very eventful fall season.