We had no idea.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
Walmart Exterior
Credit: Steve Heap/Getty Images

There's a lot more you can do at Walmart than knock off your holiday or grocery shopping. The retail giant actually offers a wide variety of services at their "everyday low prices," that make getting your flu shot or new TV mounted a breeze. Read on and update your to-do lists accordingly.

1. Flu shots and immunizations

Did you know that Walmart pharmacies offer flu shots and immunizations for affordable prices? With most insurance plans, there's no out-of-pocket expense for getting a flu shot.

2. Home services

Need to get your TV mounted? Furniture assembled? Lighting installed? Walmart has you covered in the home services department. All you have to do is book the low, fixed pricing services and Walmart will ensure that certified professionals get the job done.

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3. Vision centers

Need a new pair of glasses or contacts? Walmart Vision Centers offer eye exams, affordable prescription glasses, and contact lenses. Contact your local center to schedule your eye exam.

4. Online money transfers

You can send money internationally online with Walmart2World money transfers. The company also offers money transfers and bill payments via their mobile app.

5. Auto care centers

Walmart auto care centers offer a slew of services for your car ranging from tire installation to fuel system service. Get your car serviced at any of their 2,500 auto care centers with certified technicians nationwide.