We couldn't believe it.

By Micah A Leal
December 14, 2018
SOPA Images/Getty Images

It's a golden condiment with small red specs throughout the perfectly smooth but somewhat thick sauce. Oh, and you probably love it. But what exactly is Chik-fil-A sauce? We've heard many a Southerner describe the beloved condiment as "sweet," "smoky," and "tangy." You'll also hear words that aren't quite words, like "barbecuey" and "mustard-ish." But regardless of how you choose to define it, it's safe to say there hasn't been another condiment quite like it—until now.

The Great Value brand at Walmart developed a Chicken Dipping Sauce that is undoubtedly a copy of the packets safeguarded behind the counter at your local Chik-fil-A. Perhaps the recipe developers at Great Value know the shame of asking for "a couple more packs of Chik-fil-A sauce" to secretly keep a stock in their fridge at home—don't pretend you haven't done it—but regardless of their motivation, they've hit the nail on the head in terms of flavor.

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A simple look at the ingredients list on a packet of Chick-fil-A sauce and on the back of a bottle of Great Value Chicken Dipping Sauce hints at condiments that are too similar to be a coincidence, but it's the blatant picture of chicken nuggets and waffle fries on the Great Value label that indicates the Walmart brand had no plans of being discreet with their intentions. The sauces are supposed to taste the same. They are both soybean oil based and contain mustard, natural smoke flavor, apple cider vinegar, egg yolks and garlic. We tried the two sauces by themselves and then with a Chik-fil-A sandwich, and believe us when we say we couldn't taste a difference.

In order to get a bottle of the Great Value Chicken Dipping Sauce, we did have to travel to two different Walmarts because the first was sold out. A search online shows that this is a problem many people are facing—and it also confirms our suspicions that people really want Chick-fil-A sauce at home. Walmart stepped up to the challenge, and we think they succeeded.