It's part of a plan to get more women interested in hunting.

Female hunter
Female hunter
| Credit: AlexaCramer via Getty Images

Virginia legislators are getting into the fashion game. The House of Delegates unanimously passed a bill giving hunters the option to wear blaze pink as well as blaze orange hunting apparel.

"Blaze pink is proven to be more visible than blaze orange," Del. James Edmunds, R-South Boston, told the Associated Press. With House approval, the bill is now on its way to the state Senate.

The AP reports that more female hunters, and the stores that cater to them, are seeing pink camo as an appropriate option. This latest move is reportedly part of an effort to give female hunters a choice of colors to wear out in the field. Retailers have already begun marketing pink hoodies, hats, vests, T-shirts and other clothing for hunters.

Virginia is not the only state offering blaze pink as a substitute for blaze orange for hunters, the AP reports. Wisconsin was the first, and since then, New York, Colorado and Louisiana have followed suit.

Lawmakers and retailers hope the color option will draw more women to hunting. About 13,000 women currently are registered to hunt in Virginia.

"It would be a good thing for women to wear the colors of camo they want, and not be stuck with a male pattern," Richard Hill, who works at the Bob Moates Sports Shop in Chesterfield, told the AP.