Gurnsey was just as surprised by Ricky’s behavior as we were!


As promised, Virgin River's third season is filled to the brim with couple drama. Even though Mel and Jack get main billing, we found ourselves surprisingly swept up by the saga unfolding between Ricky and Lizzie.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

At the end of the season, the young couple breaks up because Ricky enlisted in the Marines without telling Lizzie. Yikes!

As it turns out, fans of the Netflix series weren't the only ones who were taken back by Ricky's questionable behavior. Speaking with TVLine recently, actor Grayson Gurnsey reveals that even he was "very surprised" by his character's actions.

"I didn't expect that when I was reading the script," he told TVLine. "I was like, 'What? He won't do that. That's crazy!' But I was proven wrong. It was a great twist, and I liked it a lot."

Though Gurnsey, 20, isn't much older than Ricky is in the show, he seems to have a good understanding of where his character went wrong. He also has thoughts on the best way for him to repair things with Lizzie in the coming seasons.  

"I do hope they get back together, but on mutual terms where she has forgiven him and he has learned his lesson—not out of shame or guilt, but out of a genuine understand of her feelings," he told TVLine. "That was Ricky's whole problem this season. He understood that he messed up, but he would never really take it to heart. That's what he needs to learn if he wants to get back together with her—he needs to understand her feelings."

Ricky and Lizzie Virgin River Season 3
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

But if they don't get back together, that's OK with Gurnsey too.

Describing Ricky's romance with Lizzie as "puppy love," he told TVLine that "when it's your first love, you might not necessarily love that person for the right reasons, but you can still learn something very valuable and become a better person from that relationship."

What a wise young man!