Woman Holding Pyrex Dish
Credit: Chaloner Woods/Getty Images

Most Southern women have a cupboard full of Pyrex dishes that were inherited from grandmothers or aunties, filled with casseroles and dropped off by friends, or simply discovered in our kitchens after a potluck dinner and never claimed. Pyrex has a way of piling up on pantry shelves, because it's incredibly durable and so useful in the way that it goes from oven to the freezer to the dinner table that it never gets thrown out. Plus, Pyrex is traditionally fairly inexpensive, so most of us don't mind passing it along to someone else as part of a meal train. Turn out, though, some of that Pyrex may be worth a lot more than we thought.

NPR just did a report on Pyrex and found that some collectors are willing to shell out some seriously big bucks for vintage pieces. They found that some of those jewel or pastel-toned Pyrex dishes can go for as much as $3,000 for an American-made piece, without nicks or scratches. Avid Pyrex collectors will spend hours trolling garage sales, peeking around vintage shops, and scrolling through pages on Etsy and eBay looking for the piece to round out their collection and according to some experts, Pyrex fever may never die down. "I think it will always remain collectible, just because of the durability of it," Michael Barber, who writes the Pyrex Passion blog , told NPR. "These bowls can be carried on through five generations and still look as good and be as useful as they were 100 years ago."

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In short, it might be time to dig through the Pyrex collection filling your cupboards and see if there's anything of value—or just keep it on the shelves and pass it along to the next generation of Pyrex lovers.