Vintage Girl Names We're Bringing Back

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From throwback celebrations to flea markets, we love all things vintage–especially concerning names. Naming your beautiful baby girl is a challenging and meaningful decision. You can scour the Internet, flip through baby naming book after baby name book, research your family tree, or talk to friends, but the limitless choices can seem daunting. Should you go with a double name or stick with a family name? To help make the hunt for your Southern baby name easier, we've compiled some of our favorite vintage baby girl names for you to consider. They're timeless, beautiful, and begging to return to the naming spotlight.

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Abigail: "my father's delight"

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Hebrew. It has always been one of the most popular feminine names for centuries.

Another famous Abigail? Abigail Breslin, actress, and star of Little Miss Sunshine.

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Adelaide: "noble, nobility"

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German. The name is associated with several royals, including "Good Queen Adelaide," the German princess who married English King William IV in the 19thcentury, and St. Adelaide, who married Otto the Great and became Empress of the Holy Roman Empire.

Another famous Adelaide? A city in Australia is named Good Queen Adelaide.

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Alice: "noble, graceful"

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The 1865 novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland popularized the name.

Another famous Alice? Alice Sebold: Author, The Lovely Bones.

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Birdie: "bright, famous; little bird"

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German. While it made the Top 200 list for popular girl names in the U.S. in the 1880s, Birdie plummeted in popularity in the years following. Even so, it's begun gaining traction in the last three years.

Another famous Birdie? Actress Busy Phillips, taking her cues from Lady Bird Johnson, named her daughter Birdie.

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Bonnie: "attractive, pretty"

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Bonnie originated from Scotland and was made famous from Gone With the Wind.

Another famous Bonnie? Bonnie Raitt is a 10-time Grammy Award-Winning musician.

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Charlotte: "free man"

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French. The name dated back to as early as the 1300s and landed a top spot on a U.S. list of most popular girl names (#11!) in 2013.

Another famous Charlotte? The loyal, talented spider calligrapher in E.B. White's beloved Charlotte's Web.

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Clara/Clare: "bright and clear"

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Latin. Clara is the modern spelling of Clare. St. Clare of Assisi, founder of the Poor Clare's order of nuns.

Another famous Clara? Clara Barton, Founder of the American Red Cross.

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Edith: "fighting to be rich"

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Old English. A popular name among royalty and is the name of several saints.

Another famous Edith? Edith Head, eight-time Academy Award winner for Costume Design.

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Genevieve: "leader of the tribe"

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Little Genevieve looks like she's definitely in charge and having fun!

Another famous Genevieve? Genevieve Gorde, interior designer on HGTV.

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Hattie: "ruler of the house"

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German. Hattie is the feminine version of Harry and comes from Henrietta, which royalty used for centuries.

Another famous Hattie? Hattie McDaniel: First African American to win an Academy Award for her Gone with the Wind role.

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Helen: "shining light"

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Greek. Thanks to mythology's Helen of Troy, a name associated with beauty, the "face that launched a thousand ships."

Another famous Helen? Helen Keller is an Alabama-born author, activist, and the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

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Jane: "God is gracious"

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English, Hebrew. The 16th-century aristocrats first embraced it as they felt it was a glamorous alternative to Joan.

Another famous Jane? Jane Goodall is a scientist and conservationist known for her work with chimpanzees.

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Josephine: "Jehovah increases" or "May Jehovah add"

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French, Hebrew. This name became popular in the early 19th-century when Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de La Pagerie, or Joséphine, married Napoleon and became Empress.

Another famous Josephine? Josephine Lynn Potter was the full name of "Joey," Katie Holmes's character in Dawson's Creek (a 2000s TV teen drama filmed in Wilmington, NC.)

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Lillian: "lily flower"

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Latin. Lillian comes from the flowering plant, Lily, and is a symbol of purity.

Another famous Lillian? Lillian Gish is a theatre and film actress who lived to 100.

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Louise/Louisa: "famous warrior"

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German. Popularity for the name in the U.S. peaked in the early 1900s.

Another famous Louisa? Louisa May Alcott, author of beloved classic Little Women.

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Lydia: "coming from Lydia"

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Greek. In the Iron Age, Lydia was the kingdom of western Asia Minor (Turkey).

Another famous Lydia? Lydia Ko is the youngest professional golfer to be ranked #1 and named Time's Top 100 Most Influential at age 16.

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Mae: "born in the month of May"

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Latin. The name of the month comes from Maia, the Greek goddess of fertility.

Another famous Mae? Mae West, stage and film actress, and classic pin-up.

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Martha: "lady of the house"

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Aramaic. In the Bible, Martha of Bethany was the sister of Lazarus and Mary.

Another famous Martha? Martha Stewart, TV personality, author, and businesswoman.

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Minnie: "stout protector"

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German. Minnie was made famous as Minnie Mouse by Walt Disney.

Another famous Minnie? Minnie Pearl, country singer, and comedian.

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Millicent: "strong worker"

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French. Since the Middle Ages, Millicent was a given name.

Another famous Millicent? Millicent Fenwick, Vogue editor, US Representative, and US Ambassador to the UN.

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Nell: "mercy and compassion"

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German. Short for Eleanor. Popularized by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Another famous Nell? Nell Carter, Tony, and Emmy Award-Winning Actress.

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Patricia: "noble, patrician"

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Latin. Skyrocketed in popularity in Britain after the 1886 christening of Queen Victoria's granddaughter, "Patsy."

Another famous Patricia? Patricia Lee Ramey, better known as Kentucky-born country music singer Patty Loveless.

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Penelope: "weaver"

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Greek. In Homer's Odyssey, the meaning of the name Penelope associates with marital faithfulness.

Another famous Penelope? Penelope Cruz, Academy Award-Winning Actress.

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Phoebe: "bright and shining

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Greek. Popularized by Friend's TV character played by Lisa Kudrow.

Another famous Phoebe? Phoebe Cates, actress, and model.

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Rose: "rose blossom"

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Latin. Roses are associated with love and beauty.

Another famous Rose? Rose Kennedy the matriarch of the Kennedy family.

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Ruby: "ruby gemstone"

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Latin. Ruby is July's birthstone, and the name has been popular since the Victorian era.

Another famous Ruby? Ruby Dee, Academy Award Nominated Actress.

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Ruth: "mate, companion"

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Hebrew. Ruth became popular with President Grover Cleveland's daughter, 'Baby' Ruth.

Another famous Ruth? Ruth Buzzi, Golden Globe winner and five-time Emmy nominated actress and comedian.

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Sadie: "princess, lady-like"

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Hebrew. Described as a woman of beauty, Sarah originates from the Bible.

Another famous Sadie? Sadie Robertson is a member of the Duck Dynasty television show.

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Vivian: "full of life"

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Latin. Formerly used as a man's name, it is mainly feminine today.

Another famous Vivian? Vivian Vance, actress and Lucille Ball's sidekick, "Ethel Mertz."

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Virginia: "maiden"

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Roman. The first English baby born in North America was named Virginia Dare.

Another famous Virginia? Virginia Hamilton, award-winning children's book author.

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