They say that everything old becomes new again, and that is certainly true when it comes to baby names.

By Melissa Locker

To prove that point, baby naming website Nameberry came up with a list of baby names that were wildly popular back in 1918, but haven't quite made a comeback yet. Don't expect to see any Madison, Jaydens, or Arias on the list of 100 Great Lost Names from 100 Years Ago. Instead, the list features names that haven't cracked the top 1,000 baby names in decades, but could rise in popularity soon.

Nameberry predicts that these 100 year old names are poised for a comeback as modern parents try to come up with unique names that pay homage to the past.

Of course, there's a long Southern tradition of naming the next generation after those that have come before and Nameberry's list includes plenty of Southern favorites. There is the classic, Dixie, and new favorites like Birdie, and some generally adorable names like Lula, Gertie, and Polly. Country music fans will be delighted to see that names like Loretta, Minnie, and Lucinda are making a comeback. And what Georgian hasn't thought of the name Augusta for a girl?

As for little boys, names like Ollie, Pete, and Wiley would fit in right alongside the Jacks, Liams, and Aidens filling up kindergarten classes these days. While Rufus, Roscoe, Ambrose, and Lemuel may not crack the top baby name list soon, they would certainly stand out or work well as a double name (can't you just hear some parent hollering Rufus Roscoe on the playground?)

See Nameberry's list and if you're looking for more options, check our list of vintage girl names that we love. Of course, there's no need to go back to the 1900s for a baby name, since there are plenty of timeless Southern choices.