Look out Chip and Joanna, you might have some competition.
Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman Ole Miss Freshman Dorm Room
Credit: @the_real_lin_shady

When you think back to your freshman dorm room, the word fancy probably doesn't come to mind. But that certainly won't be the case for two University of Mississippi students, Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman, who transformed their cramped quarters into an extravagant hotel-quality masterpiece worthy of being featured on HGTV.

No really—check out these before-and-after photos:

According to Buzzfeed, the Ole Miss students decided to become roommates after meeting online. Once the girls started talking, they came up with a plan to deck out their dorm room—which is something of a competition among first year students living in their hall.

"She lives in Illinois and I live in Mississippi, so it was like a long-distance thing," Bozeman told BuzzFeed. "We really weren't sure everything was going to go together, but then we got here, and it does."

And the best part is that they didn't spend a fortune. Most of their decor was purchased at T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and a few antique stores. But they did spring for the bedskirts, headboard, and pillows, which were custom-made. That said, Goodson plans to reuse everything next year, and eventually pass down some of the decor to her little sister.

Take a 360˚ tour of the room:

So what kind of response did the girls get? Not surprisingly, their Twitter and Instagram photos went completely viral within a matter of days. Though some people online were a bit "sassy," Goodson and Bozeman don't mind. They're happy with the finished product—and so are most folks on social media.


"Some of them were like, ‘I can't believe you painted the walls,' but we didn't!" Goodson said.

Can someone please turn this idea into a reality TV show? Dorm Room Wars, anyone?