Our Favorite Names for Twin Girls

Twin Baby Girls
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You find out that you're having a baby. Congratulations! And then you find out that you're expecting (drum roll, please)...TWINS! The exciting news (yes, there is even more exciting news), you are going to be new parents to twin girls. It certainly sounds like double the congratulations are in order. Picture the loads of pale pink and soft lavender, feminine floral motifs, delicate eyelet trim and ruffles. There really is so much to plan and prepare for when you are having a child, let alone more than one child. You will need more of everything–baby food, diapers, car seats, strollers, high chairs, cribs, and the list goes on. You'll also need more than one name. We consider this to be the really fun stuff. It's no secret that Southerners love our names. Sometimes we even insist on giving our little girls two names. So coming up with a name for our daughters can be the most time-consuming and stressful conversations between you and your partner over the course of your nine month long waiting period. Some days you like the classic, old-fashioned names like Jane, Anne, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Mary. Other days you prefer the trendier names that you hear popping up on playgrounds and parks and around the neighborhood like Ruby, August, Eloise, Jade, Reese, and Olivia. Very different. All adorable. No matter what you decide to do–take the more traditional route or opt for more trendy names for your girls–this decision making process is bound to keep you up all night long. Think of it as a creative long-term project. Remember to first pick the names you love, and say them aloud to one another. And then put those names together and listen to how they sound together. Yes, together. Why is that important? Because your girls will stick together for their whole lives–and that's really the beauty of having a sister.

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Abigail and Addison

Twin Names: Abigail and Addison
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Ava and Emma

Twin Names: Ava and Emma
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Avery and Anna

Twin Names: Avery and Anna
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Caroline and Elizabeth

Twin Names: Caroline and Elizabeth
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Charlene and Mary Jo

Twin Names: Charlene and Mary Jo
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Charlotte and Catherine

Twin Names: Charlotte and Catherine
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Daphne and Delphine

Twin Names: Daphne and Delphine
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Eleanor and Ivy

Twin Names: Eleanor and Ivy
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Faith and Hope

Twin Names: Faith and Hope
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Georgia and Grace

Twin Names: Georgia and Grace
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Harper and Hailey

Twin Names: Harper and Hailey
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Hannah and Haylee

Twin Names: Hannah and Haylee
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Vintage Baby Girl Names We Love

Passing down your grandmother or mother's name is an honorable tradition that many Southern families carry on. From Nell to Hattie, we love these vintage baby girl names that withstand the test of time.

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Isabella and Gabriella

Twin Names: Isabella and Gabriella
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Jane and Julia

Twin Names: Jane and Julia
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Lily and Rose

Twin Names: Lily and Rose
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Liza Ann and Mary Margaret

Twin Names: Liza Ann and Mary Margaret
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Lucy and Lacey

Twin Names: Lucy and Lacey
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Madison and Macy

Twin Names: Madison and Macy
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Madison and Morgan

Twin Names: Madison and Morgan
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Mary Kate and Laura Beth

Twin Names: Mary Kate and Laura Beth
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Olivia and Sophia

Twin Names: Olivia and Sophia
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Phoebe and Fiona

Twin Names: Phoebe and Fiona
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Rachel and Rebecca

Twin Names: Rachel and Rebecca
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Savannah and Sienna

Twin Names: Savannah and Sienna
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Scarlett and Stella

Twin Names: Scarlett and Stella
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