By Stacey Leasca
January 04, 2019

We are just a few days into 2019, but already hundreds of thousands of babies have already been born. According to The United Nations, 395,000 precious little ones were welcomed into the world on New Year's Day alone. That means these little tykes are all our newest trendsetters. And that goes double for their names.

According to BabyCenter, new parents are all about pop culture inspired names for 2019 that find their source in everything from fashion, celebrities, nature and even the South.

"Some new parents are turning to Southern states for baby-name inspiration," BabyCenter wrote in its report. "The Volunteer State deserves a shout-out: Tennessee is up 31 percent for boys and 21 percent for girls."

Other Southern-inspired names on the rise include Memphis, which is on the rise for boys, along with Nash, which could be short for Nashville. Raleigh, Georgia, Charlotte (as in Charlotte, North Carolina) and Savannah (as in Savannah, Georgia) are also top trending names for girls. Of course, nobody is forgetting about Texas. As BabyCenter noted, Austin, Dallas, and Antonio are up and coming as well.

Other trends the site says will be big in 2019 include footwear — yes footwear — inspired names. That includes names like Van (as in Vans), which is experiencing a boom for boy names, along with Chuck and Taylor (you know, like Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers).

Max, Cortez, Monarch, and Jordan, which are all Nike shoes, are becoming more popular names while Adidas-inspired names like Stan, Smith, and Falcon are on the up and up as well.

And don't forget about celebrities. Thanks to Chrissy Teigen the name Chrissy is up 27 percent in the popularity rankings while her husband John Legend helped the name John bump up 9 percent.

Of course, trend or not, naming a baby is a highly personal experience and a decision that you should come to on your own. Though if we got a vote we'd go with one of those Southern names above…