Parents-to-be have many tasks to accomplish prior to the birth of their little one, but none may be as vexing or as permanent as deciding on a name. Thankfully there are plenty of resources available to help families decide. For those looking to follow the trends, Names.org shares its predictions for the top names for boys and girls in 2019.

The top five boys names are expected to be Liam, Noah, Logan, James and Oliver. Meanwhile, the top girls names are expected to be Emma, Ava, Olivia, Isabella and Amelia.

Names.org combined several factors in putting this list together, including data from births recorded by the Social Security Administration. The SSA's 2017 and 2018 lists show there hasn't been a lot of movement in name popularity from year to year. The most popular names of the 2010s for boys and girls respectively are Noah and Emma. From 2010 to 2018, there have been 163,657 Noahs born, and 177,410 Emmas.

The list also includes wildcard names that might see a spike in popularity based on user activity across the site. These include names like Ezekiel, Maverick, and Jameson for boys. Meanwhile, girl names seem to be going in a nature-inspired direction with potential up and coming monikers like, Hazel, Aurora, and Willow.

If tried-and-true options or up-and-coming names don't spark inspiration, there are several naming guides available to help you narrow down the thousands of options out there. The Complete Book of Baby Names by Lesley Bolton boasts more than 600 pages of baby names, themed lists, historical context, and it can be yours for $6. If you're feeling a bit more global, Neala Shane published Inspired Baby Names from Around the World with 6,000 international names at your fingertips, and it costs about $11.