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I’m sorry—will you repeat the question?

Southern mamas love dressing their babies. It starts early with a special take-me-home outfit. From there, it’s smocked Christmas dresses, a special Jon Jon for Thanksgiving dinner, and plenty of Easter finery. When it’s time for their first birthday, well, you know Mama has that covered too. There’s no occasion to small for Mom to take special care in what her little one will wear.

It’s no surprise that sometimes Southern mothers can get carried away when it comes to letting their offspring spread their wings. Perhaps she sent you to college with dozens of baked-from-scratch muffins to ensure you have plenty of breakfast options for your first week of classes. Or maybe she hired a decorator to give your dorm room all the comforts of home. Regardless of how she showers you with love and affection, there might be times where you’re tempted to tell her to pump the brakes—while we never recommend going that route (have you met Mama?), one time you should absolutely never do so is when your mother offers to buy you clothes. Thank her and take them.

Here’s why.

Mama has been dressing you since you came home from the hospital. She can spot your size blindfolded across a packed store (it seems impossible to us too, and yet). She knows your colors, and what fabrics make your skin itchy. She knows what you already have hanging in your closet and, therefore, buys exactly what you need without duplications. She helped you pick out dresses for every dance from your kindergarten teddy bear ball to your senior prom. She helped you make elegant choices that she assured you wouldn’t look back on with horror. She chose every single outfit for your sorority rush week. You vetoed a few cardigans, assuring her you wouldn’t catch a chill in the 90-degree heat, but it was mostly all Mom. She purchased those black suede pointy-toe pumps for your 25th birthday because she knew the right tasteful stiletto would give you the confidence to walk into the office and ask for that promotion you had been eyeing. Your wedding dress, rehearsal dinner dress, get-away dress—yep, all Mama. And, when you were holding your new baby in his Feltman Bros. take-me-home gown and realized you completely forgot to bring a going-home outfit for yourself, Mom had you. She pulled from her bag a new (forgiving) cotton dress, once again confirming you will never be too old for your mother to buy you clothes.

Now it’s your turn. From choosing your baby’s first smocked outfits to helping them determine the perfect not-trying-too-hard outfit for their first date, you’ll be thinking of (and thanking) your mama every step of the way.