Is it really losing a bet though?

Tom Brady After Super Bowl 51
Credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Whether you're a Falcons or Patriots fan, this news is pretty hilarious: One Georgia zoo named a tiny insect "Tom Brady" after losing a Super Bowl bet.

The wager was made between Zoo Atlanta and Providence-based Roger Williams Park Zoo, Atlanta Magazine reports. The deal was simple: If the Falcons had claimed the championship title, Roger Williams Park Zoo would have named a baby animal after quarterback Matt Ryan. Conversely, if the Patriots took home the trophy, Zoo Atlanta would have to name a baby animal after Tom Brady.

We all know how that game went. As a result, Zoo Atlanta was a good sport and did, indeed, name a newborn creature in honor of the star player.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
Credit: Hyoung Chang/Getty Images

That creature, though, was not what typically comes to mind for baby zoo animals: It was a baby Madagascar hissing cockroach. Check out a clip of the little guy below.

As Atlanta Magazine notes, the Zoo approved of the peculiar animal beforehand, since both had baby cockroaches around. They're kind of cute, right?!

Welcome to the world, Tom Brady. You're going to do great things.