Red Solo cups have somehow weaseled their way into Southern culture. They’re often a key component at festivals, picnics, barbecues, and, of course, college tailgating parties. And, if anyone has mastered the art of the red solo cup, it’s country music superstar Toby Keith. His humorous and wildly popular song, Red Solo Cup, went double platinum and reached the Top 10 on Billboard’s country music chart. So, whether you choose to fill your cup with beer, wine, or liquor, join Toby Keith as he explains the ins and outs of the bright red vessel. The country music singer begins by clarifying the importance of the horizontal lines displayed on the red Solo cup. Interestingly, each of the lines refers to a specific ounce level. These lines as incredibly helpful when you're mixing up drinks away from home. So, next time you’re hoping to enjoy a cold, refreshing beverage from the legendary, plastic cup – heed Toby Keith's advice and pay attention to the lines on your red Solo cup. They may just give your drink an upgrade!

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