Grab your best gals, and hop to it!
Credit: DONALD UHRBROCK/Getty Images

Good news, y'all! February is almost here. You've survived the doldrums of January, when the buzz of holiday excitement has worn off, the temps have dropped, and the skies are gray. February is always a welcome change of pace, a month of anticipation: You're one step closer to spring and its glorious weather and bright blooms. Another reason we love the second month of the year? It's packed with holidays and excuses to celebrate! Here, we've rounded up five things you should do with your girlfriends this February.

Wear red.

The first Friday of February is "National Wear Red Day," an annual campaign started by the American Heart Association and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to raise awareness about heart disease—and the fact that it's the number 1 killer of women. Get in on the cause: Wear your best red athletic gear for your group walk to the neighborhood coffee shop, or hit the town together in your most fabulous red get-up. If you don't have any red in your closet, consider this a worthy excuse to get your shop on.

Share a king cake.

Mardi Gras comes but once a year. Celebrate the occasion by diving into a sugar-crystal-covered confection with your favorite girls on Fat Tuesday. While you won't be able to find a king cake out there that rivals one made in the Big Easy (I'm partial to Sucré's razzle dazzle take), most grocery stores carry the ring-shaped treat, or you can make your own (ours is loaded with praline cream cheese). Don't forget the most important part, either: Whoever finds the baby in her slice has to buy (or bake) next year's king cake!

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Celebrate friendship.

No matter your relationship status, Valentine's Day is always a good time to celebrate the people you love. Host a wine-and-cheese night for your galentines, or rally the troops to go see a fun band that's playing in town. And for your best gals who don't live right down the street, we're all about sending them handwritten, homemade Valentines instead: Everybody loves a little pink-and-red snail mail!

Hit the road, or fly (further) south for the winter.

Take advantage of the Presidents' Day holiday, and meet your friends for a long weekend getaway. There's no shortage of fun places to visit in the South, from shopping in quiet Fairhope, Alabama, to catching some rays in sun-bleached South Beach.

Make a (new) New Year's resolution together.

If you're anything like us, despite your very best intentions, your New Year's resolutions bit the dust long before February rolled around. Use the new month as an opportunity to start fresh. Choose a small, doable resolution, ask a friend or two to either make the resolution with you (or at least hold you accountable), and commit to it wholeheartedly for the month of February. It's only 28 days!