If you've lived through a Southern summer, you've lived through 100 degree heatwaves, horrible droughts, unbearable humidity, and swarms of pesky gnats. So, it's only fitting that Southerners have come up many colorful ways to express their discontent with the heat. We may be happy about our breezy falls, warmer winters, and almost-hot springs, but the summer is generally when we're all too hot to complain about the weather – or, we stay inside to avoid burning up into a crisp. Gulf Shores in July – we're talkin' to you! Air conditioning is a Southerner's best friend when it comes to the handling June through August (and, sometimes May and September!). Whether you're a "Hotter'n blue blazes" kind of gal, you've tried to cook an egg on the sidewalk, or you've asked a friend if you could stick your head in their deep-freeze for a quick moment, most Southerners can relate to these humorous saying for dealing with the hot sun. Which is your favorite expression for dealing with the heat?

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