We can't wait for the color, the chill, and the kickoff.

fall fireplace coffee
On those cold winter nights, cozy up by the fireplace in your pajamas. There's no better time to connect and bond with your family. Tell stories, share jokes, sip on cocoa, and sing songs to celebrate the season.
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Ah, the coming of fall—that blissful season when we hear the crunch of leaves beneath our feet (as we hurry to our seats at the stadium), and brides check the football schedule months before choosing their colors, booking the church, or—who are we kidding—getting engaged.

Our picnic blankets are at the ready as weekends fill with fall festivals celebrating everything from apples and pumpkins to bluegrass and Cajun music. And getting there brings one photo op after another, once the trees begin lighting up in shades of yellow, red, and orange.

The cool, crisp air of fall is something Southerners will never take for granted, especially those of us who live south of Tennessee or west of the Mississippi. Just as astronauts must readjust to gravity after space flight, so must we adjust to the spring in our step once the weight of summer's humidity has lifted and there's a little nip in the air. (Few simple pleasures can rival a good cup of coffee sipped on your porch with a warm blanket tucked around you on a chilly fall morning. Can we get an Amen?)

To usher in (and hurry along) the season, we asked our Facebook Brain Trust to give us the reasons why they love fall. Once they were done with Roll Tide, War Eagle, Go Dawgs, Geaux Tigers, Hotty Toddy, Hook 'em Horns, Woo Pig Sooie, etc., here's what they said—let us know what you think:

"The humidity drops, which means I can get me and all of my hair inside the car with the doors closed."

"You can actually breathe when you go outside."

"The beaches aren't crowded and I don't have to go to dinner at 5 to get a table.

"I get to use the seat warmer in my car."

"Houndstooth, jeans, and boots—that's fall for me."

"Sweaters! And the first fire in the fireplace."

"Fresh air in the house, outdoor dining at restaurants."

"Small town Friday nights cheering each other's kids on the field, in the stands, twirling batons, leading cheers . . ."

"Marching band practice. When I hear those drums and trumpets, I know it's football season and fall is finally here."

"Pumpkin everything! Pumpkin spice everything! Fall leaves! It's an orange wonderland!"

"Comfort food like chili, chicken and dumplings, gumbo . . . Also candy corn, boiled peanuts, fresh pecans, ripe persimmons . . . Also soup and cornbread . . . And sweet potato pie . . . And turnip greens . . ."

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