We're a calm, easy-going people – until we're not. And, usually, the basis of our arguments come from food. There are just some things that Southerners are very picky about. Have you ever tried arguing with a Southerner over which state makes the best BBQ? If you try to go into Texas asking for pulled pork, we guarantee that you'll get a rebuttal on why you should be having brisket. Or, have you tried confirming which mayonnaise makes the best chicken salad? We're all pretty set against Miracle Whip, but it's fair game when it comes to Duke's, Blue Plate, and Hellman's. If you go into Kentucky, you'd be advised to only ask for Kentucky bourbon. And, we've all got an opinion on who makes the best fried chicken around. Hint: it's usually our Mamas or Grandmamas! We're also really picky about manners (it is NOT okay to skip the RSVP card for a wedding!) and about church (traditional or contemporary – we've all picked a side). So, when it comes to taking sides – which are you on?

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