It's a twin thing.

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1. Growing up, you never invited friends on family vacations
As a twin, you already have your built-in travel buddy, so there was no need for friends to tag along to keep you entertained.

2. You don't know how to answer the question, "What is it like being a twin?"
Since we have been a twin for our whole life, we actually don't know how to answer this question, other than "What is it like not being a twin?"

3. Your go-to interesting personal fact is: "I am a twin"
No panicking when you have to share a fun fact about yourself with only a moment's notice.

4. You always have a photo ready to show.
Because after you reveal your interesting fact, people will ask to see a photo.

5. You will always be asked if you are fraternal or identical.
Even though the answer may seem like a no-brainer–people will always ask.

6. "Who is older?" seems like an irrelevant question.
Well we have the same birthday, so we are the same age, but if you must know she is older by three minutes.

7. Joint birthday parties are a way of life.
You don't know what to do when your twin isn't there to celebrate with you.

8. You cringe when people say "two twins" or something of that nature.
Obviously, referring to you as twins makes it pretty clear that there are two of you.

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9. It's annoying when someone comes between you and your twin in alphabetical order.
In the yearbook, in the class roster, or on a seating chart, you should always be next to each other.

10. You cannot imagine life without your twin.
No matter what happens, they'll always be your best friend.