This Kansas City-Area Ice Cream Shop Is Serving Up More Than Scoops

The Golden Scoop provides innovative employment to individuals with disabilities.

Whether it's a single mom receiving an outpouring of birthday gifts for her son or a country star fulfilling the wish list of a kindergarten teacher, social media can do amazing work in spreading good news. In this case, it's how I came across The Golden Scoop, a Kansas-City area ice cream shop with a purpose (other than serving delicious desserts, that is).

The Golden Scoop

The Golden Scoop

"We provide innovative, and meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities, and delicious ice cream and coffee to the Kansas City community," says Amber Schreiber, President and CEO. "Every scoop of our delicious, made-from-scratch ice cream, cup of coffee, or inspired event is carefully designed to bring joy and purpose to the lives of all involved."

The Golden Scoop is a non-profit, 501c3 organization, where the store's Super Scoopers are supported by staff with backgrounds in special education, early childhood development, and behavioral therapy certifications. They provide "extensive job skill training to allow our employees to become independent and confident," says Schreiber.

The Golden Scoop KC
The Golden Scoop

Not only is The Golden Scoop providing learning and working opportunities for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but they're serving ice cream made in-house—you don't find that everywhere. Of course, they cover the classics like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, but the Super Scoopers also serve mint chocolate, coffee, and a dairy-free vanilla for those with sensitivities or allergies. Schreiber says the best sellers are cookies and cream and cookie dough, though! You can also grab a coffee or tea to enjoy with your ice cream, and if you want something for the road, snack on homemade baked goods like cookies, cinnamon rolls, and scones.

"The Golden Scoop raises awareness and showcases how capable our employees are when provided meaningful employment, along with strong community support. The Golden Scoop exemplifies how we can bring people together and make a difference," says Schreiber. "Together, we serve kindness daily and embrace our differences."

The Golden Scoop KC Super Scooper
The Golden Scoop

Super Scooper Ian Miller spoke to local news outlet KMBC about the opportunity The Golden Scoop has provided. "People here have the ability to show that they are capable and that they are as valuable an employee as anybody else," he says.

Since The Golden Scoop is a non-profit organization, patron and community support is vital and appreciated to keep the Super Scoopers scooping. Even if you don't live nearby, you can be part of this incredible store's mission. If you would like to contribute, visit their website here.

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