With the ease of a keyboard and click of a button, email has taken the place of a good old-fashioned, handwritten, thank you note.


I am the last to judge anyone as I have been guilty a time or two of sending a thank you with the click of a few keys.

That's not to say an email is the same, and my Southern mother would be the first to say so. Here are a few reasons to dust off the stationery and write a few notes:

1. It's more personal.

If someone takes the time to do something nice for you, the right thing to do is to properly thank them.

2. Few people take the time to write a note.

So when one is received in the mail, the extra effort stands out. A written note on a great piece of stationery is an eye-catcher versus being in an inbox with several other emails.

3. Good manners never go out of style.

Regardless of how busy our society becomes and technology takes over, nothing can take the place of a personalized note, especially since they have become a rare breed.

There is one exception to this rule.

When someone sends you a note or a gift as a thank you, it's okay to to acknowledge you received it with an email. There is no reason to hand write a thank you note for a thank you. So the next time someone gives you a gift and you are tempted to thank them by email, pull out your pen and write the note. I bet you will find a little personal satisfaction from the extra effort as well.

Dana Wolter is an award-winning, Southern designer who believes that living well happens in a home that is centered around what is important to you.