The spirit of the South is in neighbors helping neighbors. We show great attention to those in need to our communities, show our compassion with pound cakes at funerals, and are always there with pots of chicken and dumplings or soup when a friend's in the hospital. Ginger Sprouse, of Kemah, Texas, is the ultimate Southern neighbor – she actually changed a man's life. Ginger use to drive by the same spot in Kemah three or four times a day, and she always noticed a homeless man sitting on the corner. After three years, she grew very concerned. When she stopped and talked to Victor Hubbard, he told her that he was waiting on his mother to return. Three years previous, she'd left Victor and told him to wait on her return. He waited through cold, rain, and heat – but she hadn't come back. Ginger knew that she needed to help Victor out, so she created a Facebook group that rallied the community. The page raised much-needed funds to help out with Victor's medical care. But, she also took it one step further. We love stories of Southerners helping other Southerners – and Ginger Sprouse is a true example of this caring spirit.

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