Southerners are known for being exceptionally generous, and we're friendly to just about any stranger on the street. This story out of Fort Worth, Texas, demonstrates just how sweet our Southern gentleman can be. A mystery man, known only as "Mr. Gary," mentioned that an ice cream parlor employee at Sweet Sammies had helped him out with his parking validation a few weeks before, even though he hadn't hit the required minimum. To repay his gratitude, Mr. Gary walked in around 7PM and started paying for everyone's dessert. He kept the treat going all the way through 10PM. The mystery man ended paying up around $1300 for the ice cream (including a $300 tip for the staff!) and racked up a seven-foot receipt. The shop was full of smiles, hugs, and Instagram photos with Mr. Gary. "It was awesome," said shop owner Kory Close. "A real feel-good feeling for everyone that was here." He said that it was the first time something like this had happened in Sweet Sammies. "We've never had anything like it," he told USA Today. "I've heard of maybe someone picks up a round of drinks somewhere, but $1,300 worth of ice cream?"

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