What a great group of kids.

Christmas presents
Christmas presents
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Santa's got a whole new crop of elves in the making at one Memphis area school.

This week, the sixth graders at Riverdale Elementary and Middle School in Germantown, Tenn. pitched in to make a difference, wrapping more than 60 boxes of presents to give to homeless people at the city's Memphis Union Mission shelter.

"They get to have all the stuff that we give them, like all these boxes they get to open them because they don't get a chance to open anything," a student named Jade Dotson told WMC. "They have nice things inside the boxes."

The kids are learning the joy of giving to those in need—a lesson that's not required by most schools. WMC reports that the boxes were stuffed with toiletries, hats, gloves, candy, and gift cards to fast food restaurants.

"I feel like even though we're in sixth grade, we can make a gigantic difference in the world by helping people and giving them anything they deserve, because nobody deserves to be lonely on Christmas," Hannah Moore said.

Now that's the holiday spirit!