And after all these years, we can still be friends.

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Even though the Christmas season has yet to officially begin, when you're a mother of two young children (and a compulsive planner), Santa's list is in the works early on. While searching Amazon's top toy list for fun ideas, I stumbled upon a familiar face from my childhood: Teddy Ruxpin, the 1980s iconic talking bear.

Hello, my name is Teddy Ruxpin....Can you and I be friends? I can hear him now. You probably can too. Teddy Ruxpin was "the world's first animated talking toy," hitting the scene–and flying off store shelves circa 1985. He told stories and sang songs the old-fashioned way (there was an old-school cassette player tucked beneath his tan-colored shirt on his back). But what made Teddy Ruxpin truly unique, and not your run-of-the-mill stuffed bear, was the animatronics in his eyes and mouth. Teddy gave the impression that he was alive, inviting his new friend to "come and discover the world with him." He won us all over. Everyone knew Teddy. We all wanted to be part of his world.

I can still remember paging through the Toys "R" Us catalog in the late 1980s. Teddy Ruxpin (1.0) ranked high on my list of gifts I wanted from Santa. The gifts I needed from Santa. I even knew the shape of his box. I'd be able to pick that box out of a pile of wrapped gifts in no-time.

Santa came through that Christmas. And from December 25 on, Teddy went everywhere with me; I was completely entranced with his moving eyes and mouth. My new best friend even lolled me to sleep, as I listened to his cassette tapes inviting me to "Come Dream With Him Tonight".

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Teddy is making a comeback this holiday season– with a few modern day upgrades that include color LCD eyes with more than 40 animated expressions synced to his speech, touch sensors for little hands to control his songs and stories, and his own app for reading along. While I would love the chance to give my daughter my old-school pal, I'm pretty sure this Teddy will make a nice addition to our family and a voice that will be nice to hear in my home.