Oops, guilty.

Disapproving Teacher
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When we think of what we put our teachers through as children, it sometimes makes us cringe. Turns out, we might be driving them just as batty (dare we say, even more so) now that we're swapping our classroom time for the pickup line. Apparently, there's a whole list of obnoxious parental behavior we're exhibiting that could be resulting in unsatisfactory marks—bless our hearts. We went straight to the source to find out a few of the things well-intentioned parents do that teachers think are mighty rude.

Sending your child to school sick

This one also applies to the workplace, places of worship, or really anywhere that one might accidentally send their sick germs spewing into a crowd of the unsuspecting. If the kiddos are sick, keep them home. This might put a wrench in our workday, but rest assured we'll get major parental brownie points from the teacher when he or she returns well-rested and devoid of sniffles, coughs, and sneezes. Oh, and we hear donating extra tissues and sanitizer throughout the year is always welcome. Let's keep those germs at bay.

Trying to connect with the teacher on social media

It's really best we keep things professional. Plus, teachers deserve a little downtime without being reminded of our precious William every time she's scrolling through her feed. Sure, he's a cutie, but she'll have plenty of face time with him come Monday morning at 7:45.

Writing emails without punctuation

Southerners know that a grammatically correct email is considered a sign of respect. If we're not willing to take the time to properly proof our email, why should a teacher take the time to thoughtfully respond?

Taking the teacher's cell number from an old field trip info sheet and texting her about your child

Picture this: Ms. Smith just sat down with a well-deserved glass of wine after a particularly raucous day in the classroom to watch the latest installation of her favorite PBS drama when her phone buzzes.

"William is going to be late to school tomorrow. Just wanted to give you a heads up :)"

Hey, we majored in journalism and proudly put those reporter skills to use in order to find a way to relay this most pressing message. Turns out, Ms. Smith is not impressed. Give her some downtime and never abuse the field trip fact sheet—maybe even drop it in the shredder once the outing is over to avoid temptation.

Expecting the teacher to give homework early because you're going on vacation

What we never realized about this request is that it forces the teacher to bump up her own deadlines to accommodate the request—a tricky thing to navigate when you're already up to your lashes in essays that need to be graded and quarterly grades that need to be submitted. Now, we're asking her to start thinking about future homework assignments when she's just trying to make it to the weekend? Sorry about that, Ms. Smith.

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Are you guilty of these or similar demerits? We certainly are. Hopefully our good intentions came across and Ms. Smith was soon to forgive our blunders. If anything, a batch of this famous fudge might be just the trick for smoothing over any ruffled feathers.