Taco Bell is Producing a Mexican Pizza Musical Featuring Dolly Parton

That escalated quickly!

The legend of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza just keeps getting more, well, legendary.

Now, with help from global music icon and Taco Bell superfan Dolly Parton, the story of the grassroots movement to resurrect the beloved fast-food item is getting the musical treatment.

Dolly Parton Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Musical
Rick Kern/Getty Images; Taco Bell

Yes, really.

Today Taco Bell announced Mexican Pizza: The Musical, a satirical musical described as "a star-studded production made for Mexican Pizza fans, by Mexican Pizza fans!"

According to a news release, Parton will join rapper Doja Cat and other Taco Bell fans for a musical reenactment of the "harrowing" story of the unlikely group who joined forces to bring the Mexican Pizza back to menus nationwide.

Written by Hannah Friedman with music by Grammy award-winning songwriting duo Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, Mexican Pizza: The Musical will feature original music to spotlight the brand's biggest fans.

The cult-favorite menu item was cut from Taco Bell's menu in September 2020, sparking widespread outrage and a Change.org petition with more than 170,000 signatures. Parton joined the chorus of disappointed fans in February, and by March, Doja Cat's viral Mexican Pizza jingle had sparked calls for a musical.

Taco Bell finally caved to the pressure in April, announcing that the Mexican Pizza would come back for good in May.

"Our menu is full of fan-favorites, but the Mexican Pizza is at the top of that list," Mark King, CEO of Taco Bell, said in a news release. "From its flashy introduction to menus in 1985 as 'Pizzazz Pizza' to its inspiration behind the creation of infamous jingles, Mexican Pizza has a long history with the brand and I'm glad we could give fans what they crave and bring our classic Mexican Pizza back home where it belongs."

The musical is simply the cherry on top.

Mexican Pizza will be returning to menus nationwide on May 19 with Rewards members gaining early access starting May 17.

Mexican Pizza: The Musical will premiere exclusively on TikTok on May 26 at 8pm ET.

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